New Book: Un espejo roto. Antología del nuevo cuento de Centroamérica y República Dominicana

portada antología Un espejo roto.

Un espejo roto: Antología del nuevo cuento de Centroamérica y República Dominicana [A Broken Mirror. . . (2014)], published by Grupo de Editoriales Independientes de Centroamérica (GEICA) and the Goethe Institut-Mexico, is an anthology of current (21st century) short stories from Central America and the Dominican Republic. This anthology, compiled by Sergio Ramírez, has also been published in German as Zwischen Süd und Nord: Neue Erzähler aus Mittelamerika [Between South and North. New storytellers from Central America].

Bild_antholige_245The collection includes the following countries/authors: Guatemala: Eduardo Halfon, Maurice Echeverría, Denise Phé-Funchal, Javier Payeras; El Salvador: Mauricio Orellana Suárez, Vanessa Núñez Handal, Alberto Pocasangre; Honduras: Jessica Sánchez, Kalton Harold Bruhl, Gustavo Campos, José Manuel Torres Funes; Nicaragua: María del Carmen Pérez Cuadra, Berman Bans, Ulises Juárez Polanco, Roberto Carlos Pérez; Costa Rica: Jessica Clark Cohen, Guillermo Barquero, Warren Ulloa, Carla Pravisani; Panama: Carlos Oriel Wynter Melo, Melanie Taylor, Lili Mendoza, Lucy Cristina Chau; and Dominican Republic: Juan Dicent, Rey Andújar, Frank Báez, Rita Indiana Hernández.

Description: Un espejo roto is an anthology of the twenty-first century that allows us to glimpse the Central American short story far from its old borders. In each of the chosen authors—a necessarily rigorous selection—we have sought, first of all, the excellence of creative individuality based on the resources of language and imagination; that is, as in any good anthology, the quality of literary expression, so that this grouping of authentic voices may open a new vista of what is now Central America, crisscrossed by various social phenomena, in its complex diversity.

The narrators of this anthology tell us stories of imaginary beings, but who inhabit the real world and belong to an atmosphere where private lives are constantly intersected by public life. This selection of Central American storytellers—in which we include writers of Dominican Republic, because of its proximity not only in language but also in cultural background—offer the reader an overview of the creative diversity of a region consisting of countries that, in spite of everything, are determined to erase their borders, and whose writers are determined to find a common, lost identity. (Sergio Ramirez)

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