Benicio del Toro Dedicates Award to Puerto Rico


Benicio del Toro received the Donostia Prize Film Festival in San Sebastian on Friday for his lifetime achievement [see previous post Benicio del Toro to Receive the Donostia Award in San Sebastián]. Del Toro received the second Donostia Award at the 62nd International Film Festival of San Sebastian from the hands of another Latin American actor, Cuban Jorge Perugorría, in a ceremony in a packed auditorium at the Kursaal, on the eve of the closing of the San Sebastian Festival.

Shortly before appearing on stage, Del Toro walked the red carpet, which unleashed the madness of fans who greeted their idol and took “selfies” at the entrance of the building where the Festival galas are held.

After a long standing ovation, Del Toro explained that every time he had been in San Sebastian, he always feels “at home.” He said, “Now I receive this award and the feeling I get is surreal because I have watched those who have received it before.

The actor dedicated the award to the “little piece of land” where he was born (in Puerto Rico), where he threw his first stone, where he went to the movies for the first time and learned how to love, to cry, and to have self-respect. “The land where I learned how to dream and never lose faith,” he said, shortly before leaving the stage accompanied by Perugorría, who described him as a “cinematic animal,” equipped with a “transgressive spirit,” who has given to the audience roles that have become part of film history.

Post based on my translation of the full article (in Spanish):

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