The Explorers Club presents “A Taste of Cuba”


The Explorers Club presents “A Taste of Cuba”—a “unique opportunity to explore Cuba by land and sea”— be held on Thursday, October 9, 2014, at 6:00pm.

The evening will include samplings of authentic Cuban cuisine, refreshing mojitos made with Papa’s Pilar rum, live Cuban music by D’ son 3, and a seated program featuring author Michael Connors and David E. Guggenheim.

modern-cuba-330x220Author Michael Connors will talk about his upcoming book, Havana Modern, which highlights architecturally significant private homes and buildings in Cuba; accompanied by photographer Néstor Martí and a display of his work from Havana Modern.

Club Fellow Dr. David E. Guggenheim will recap the Flag Expedition he led to Cuba’s magnificent Gardens of the Queen marine reserve. The team dove and documented numerous underwater sites, some of which have been only rarely, if ever, visited before. They also explored the “floating reefs,” vibrant young corals growing atop vast piles of rubble from ancient living reefs that could provide clues to guide coral reef restoration efforts throughout the Caribbean.

The presentations will be followed by a book signing with Michael Connors and Néstor Martí.

Tickets are $45.00 and payment is required before the event. Secure your spot today by emailing or calling The Explorers Club at 212.628.8383.

Photo above of Gardens of the Queen marine reserve from

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