Photography Exhibition: “Seven Elementary Memories” at A Priori Art Gallery, Panama


“Seven Elementary Memories” at the A Priori Art Gallery in Panama is part of a larger event—Documented Stories—a photography circuit going on simultaneously in the Central American country. A Priori, one of the art galleries of the circuit, is exhibiting works by seven devoted award-winning photographers; among them is Bancarrota [Bankrupcy] a work by Cuban artist Yasser Lezcano, a specialist in photo ceramics. [Lezcano is also known for his impressive ceramic photos depicting Cuban heroes José Martí, Antonio Maceo, and Máximo Gómez in the series “Dicha Grande”—see photo above.]

Other artists in this exhibition are Irene Chamorro (Panama), Víctor Santamaría (Spain), Nathalie Beard (Guatemala), Chrisse Harwanko (United States), and Michael Sager (Canada).

Lezcano, considered the main example of photo ceramics and pioneer of this technique in Cuba, has a permanent collection in his country, and some of his works are now in private collections in the US, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Israel, Guinea Bissau, and the Dominican Republic. Lezcano is focused on the production of large format murals, based on the printing of his photos on ceramic support—as may be seen in the more than his 500 murals, each of them a unique piece [. . .]

Documented Stories, is an event sponsored by the National Institute of Culture, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the University of Panama, the Embassy of Mexico, Conaculta and some art galleries, among many other entities.

Lucy Barrios, director of the Art Gallery in Panama, said that this year they have tried to turn this event into something much more than a common exhibition, for which they have invited different institutions to participate.

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