Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce rallies effort to rebuke smear ads against the island


Industry groups affiliated with the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce are pushing back against a stateside conservative group— Iowa-based American Future Fund—which claims that the island is permeated by a “culture of corruption.” Apparently, no one was too concerned when ads likened Governor Alejandro García Padilla [shown above] to leftist Argentina President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro (and rightly so) but bristled when the island’s “culture” was labeled as corrupt.

The Iowa-based American Future Fund said its latest ad, run in the Wall Street Journal and Politico, is aimed at exposing a “culture of corruption” under the García Padilla administration that “should alarm investors, creditors and taxpayers.”

Previous ads, which likened Gov. Alejandro García Padilla to leftist Argentina President Cristina Fernandez Kirchner and Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro, didn’t cause much of a stir in Puerto Rico. The third ad, however, has prompted a backlash because it points to “culture,” a somewhat loaded word in the U.S. territory. “These ads are an affront to everyone live, work and struggle here every day to provide for our families,” said Chamber of Commerce President José “Pepe” Izquierdo.

Business leaders said the spread of the ads across digital media undermines ongoing efforts to attract investment to the island. “Puerto Rico is a secure and trustworthy place to do business,” said Meet Puerto Rico chief Milton Segarra. “We cannot let this type of smear campaign go unanswered.”

The trade groups have agreed to undertake a series of efforts to get the positive word out about Puerto Rico on the national and international stage. “All Puerto Ricans should be outraged by these ads as the island works to emerge from an economic and fiscal situation that affects us all,” said Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association President Waleska Rivera. The group pledged to create a united front to counter efforts to put Puerto Rico in a negative light for potential investors.

García Padilla has characterized the American Future Fund as an “extreme far-right” group and sought to link the opposition New Progressive Party to ads he called “racist and xenophobic.”

“In Puerto Rico, Gov. Alejandro García Padilla has fostered a culture of corruption that resembles the rogue governments of Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro,” the latest ad reads. The American Future Fund cites Doral’s $230 million tax fight with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department on a target list that includes the Recovery Act debt restructuring law and the government’s stated intention to sue Wall Street credit ratings agencies in the wake of downgrades of the island’s debt. [. . .]

For full article, see http://www.caribbeanbusinesspr.com/news/cofc-rallies-effort-to-rebuke-smear-ads-100742.html

One thought on “Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce rallies effort to rebuke smear ads against the island

  1. To the demagogues in American Future Fund: Puerto Rico’s Culture of Corruption? Really? sadly corruption is not something that exclusively happens in PR. Now the fact is that when you look at the actual FBI Corruption Task Force statistics most of the states specially Iowa has higher rate of corruption than PR. Everyone should know that all Federal Laws apply equally in the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico just like any of the other 50 states for which FBI has jurisdiction. With that said take a look at the thousands of corruption cases in USA and when you look at the number of Puerto Rico with a population of 4 million USA citizens you can obviously see on the statistical facts that in proportion most of the states have higher rates of corruption convictions by the FBI / DOJ. So AFF please change your irrational demagogue paid for propaganda to something a little bit more logical since your puppets masters are paying you a lot of money to defend the interest of the greedy investors so at least be professional in your assigned task. So when you AFF president and director are fetching for your bones from your neo-facist-right-wing masters do it right to show what you really are. Truly you are looking like an clown in a eternal comedy in a puppet neo-rigthwing-marionette show. USA CORRUPTION FACTS: http://www.fbi.gov/collections/public-corruption

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