Golden Krust Celebrates 25 Years


Golden Krust, the nation’s largest and fastest growing Caribbean franchise, has been celebrating 25 years in business this year. Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Grill, Inc. is a Caribbean food chain based in New York. Founded in 1989 by Lowell Hawthorne and his family, Golden Krust headquarters is located in Bronx, New York, and has 120 stores nationwide. I do not want this to serve as advertisement, but rather to congratulate a successful example of Caribbean business in the diaspora (especially one that has helped so many of us alleviate pangs of homesickness through their products).

The Jamaican family-owned and operated business started back in 1989 in the South Bronx is now a leader in the franchise and baking industry. The celebration began with the company’s Mavis and Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation Scholarship Ceremony on Aug. 12. Golden Krust’s president and CEO and foundation chairman Lowell Hawthorne was beaming with pride exclaiming that “nothing brings me greater satisfaction than knowing that in some small measure I am sharing in the success of the young scholars being awarded this evening.”

Thirteen well-deserving graduating high-school seniors were presented with $2,000 scholarships toward their college education and 26 students in the United States and Jamaica received scholarships this year.

The company also celebrated this major milestone with system-wide celebrations on Aug. 23, providing the first 100 customers with 25-cent beef patties!

The events kicked-off nationwide at noon, and customers enjoyed live music, free samples, and lots of other giveaways. The main event took place at the company’s first location on 1381 E. Gun Hill Rd. in the Bronx. [. . .] The executive team, staff, family, friends, and customers were out in full force to support and enjoy the unforgettable sounds of the Platinum One Band, the taste of succulent jerk chicken, and a memorable ceremony.

[. . .] The Golden Krust team thanks all their franchisees, staff, and customers for their commitment to the brand. There are other milestones left to be achieved for the Golden Krust organization. Hawthorne stated that the company looks forward to fulfilling its’ 2020 vision of making Jamaican-styled patties and jerk chicken mainstream food items.

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