Bermuda On “Eight Weirdest Flags” List


Bermuda has managed to be listed on an article dubbed “The eight weirdest flags the world has ever seen” posted on i100, a new venture from the UK’s Independent, reports.

Bermuda’s flag is listed alongside seven others the article deems weird, including Mozambique, which they said was the only national flag in the world to feature a modern assault rifle, and Hawaii, which they said still bears the Union Jack in its top corner despite never being part of the British Empire

As it pertains to the island, the article said, “Bermuda’s flag bears the British red ensign and a coat of arms that shows the 17th century ship Sea Venture that was deliberately crashed by Admiral George Somers in a bad storm.

“But the flag also bears an ironic resemblance to the Atlantic island’s reputation for being a hotspot for lost ocean vessels and aeroplanes.”

For the original report go to

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