Old Havana’s Living Statues


A charming photo feature by Grisel Garcia Risco in Havana Times offers a gallery of photos of street performers. Follow the link below to access the gallery.

“Living” or “human statues” have become a veritable socio-cultural phenomenon in many cities around the world. In Havana, they have been a popular form of street-art for quite some time, particularly in the busier parts of the old town.

One of the chief merits of these performers is their ability to remain motionless for extended periods of time. This motionlessness is interrupted for brief instants, when a spectator offers the artist a coin for his performance or in order to take a photograph of them.

These talented makeup and performance artists gather at Old Havana’s Obispo pedestrian boulevard every day. Bronze workers, fairies, harlequins, a clay-person and even a pirate are some of the characters regularly seen on this street.




For the original report and gallery of photos go to http://www.havanatimes.org/?p=105983

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