In Curaçao, A Lighthouse Awaits Restoration


There is something so magical about lighthouses and it is undeniably a sad moment when a lighthouse is extinguished. Curaçao’s East Point lighthouse shines no more and stands there waiting to be brought back to life. Here is the full text of “East Point Lighthouse Extinguished” with a link to the original below:

The lighthouse at the eastern point of the island no longer works. The light is extinguished, because the company that is in charge of the lighting and technical maintenance care, work has suspended its work since last month.

The steel structure of the tower is so rusted that it has become too unstable and also hazardous to climb up. This is according to the spokesman of the Coast Guard, Roderick Gouverneur.

Director of the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA), Humberto Castro said that although the lighthouse does not fall under the responsibility of the CPA, but from a maritime perspective it is important that the lighthouse is restored.

Currently only one of the three original lighthouses works, which is the one on Klein Curaçao (small island east of Curaçao). The tower at the western side of the island has collapsed a long time ago.

For original article, see

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