Caribbean sun inspires Lhuillier’s new fashion line

Fashion Monique Lhuillier Spring 2015

Pastel shades of pink, green and yellow softly carried designer Monique Lhuillier’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York last Friday, Reuters reports.

Backstage before the show Lhuillier explained her solar influence.

“For Spring 2015 it was all about this beautiful sunrise that I experienced when I was in the Caribbean. And you know, all of those beautiful pastels that you see right during sunrise. And that was the starting point for me with the color pallet. And I wanted it to be bright, very reflective and shimmery and luminous,” said Lhuillier.

Metallic offerings gave Lhuillier’s line a punch as she peppered the effect throughout.

“Lots of metallic in the collection. There’s liquid laces there’s lots of shimmer and foil like fabrics,” she explained.

Floral appliqué and beading were used to accent tops, dresses and the collar on various looks.

The veteran, known for her red carpet and gala dresses, said she had fun pumping up her collection.

“It’s playful and what’s nice is when you have the volume on the bottom then you can go slimmer on the top. And it’s a new portion that I really believe in this season so I pushed, you know, that quite strong throughout the collection,” the designer told Reuters.

As evening looks hit the runway Lhuillier used sheer fabric and lace on both cocktail and evening dresses. Waists were cinched with metal and leather belts.

The designer is keeping the peplum trend alive with several outfits and is also helping the resurgent of culottes.

The sunrise surprise concluded with petal shaped iridescence confetti raining down on the runway.

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