ICS Lecture: Vivian Martínez Tabares on “Explorations of Identity—Gender, Race, and Class—as Approaches to Caribbeanness in Cuban Theater”

cafe teatro macuba_fatima patterson_oficina del conservador de la ciudad de santiago de cuba

As part of its Conferencias Caribeñas 15, the Institute of Caribbean Studies of the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras (UPR-RP), invites the academic community and the general public to the lecture “Exploraciones identitarias: género, raza, clase para una aproximación a lo caribeño en la escena cubana” [Explorations of identity—gender, race, and class—for an approach to Caribbeanness on the Cuban stage] by Dr. Vivian Martínez Tabares (Casa Las Américas, Havana, Cuba). Dr. Lowell Fiet (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, School of Humanities, UPR-RP) will comment the lecture.  

The activity will be held on Thursday, September 4, from 1:00 to 3:30pm at the Manuel Maldonado Denis Amphitheatre (CRA 108) of the Carmen Rivera de Alvarado Building, School of Social Sciences, UPR-RP.

Description: This lecture deconstructs the gaze vis-a-vis the Caribbean condition of the Cuban scene, generally referring to textual dramaturgy and representation linked to Afro-Cuban culture, either in rewriting patakines or in original arguments, as interdisciplinary experiences in which dance and music hold a dialogue at the same level with the theatrical action or at least, are important complements. Examples of this link are the works of Eugenio Hernández Espinosa and his work with the Caribbean Theater, the puppet shows of René Fernández Santana and Teatro Papalote, or the montages of Fátima Patterson with Teatro Macubá [see photo above]. I am interested in unveiling the Caribbeanness of other creations, for their focus on exploring the consequences of plantation economy and slavery, as well as the insular condition, among other issues.

This lecture will be broadcast LIVE online through the following website: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/cc71

Comments and suggestions on this presentation will be welcome at: iec@uprrp.edu

For further information, you may call Dr. Humberto García Muñiz, Director, at (787) 764-0000, extension 4212, or write to iec@uprrp.edu

See the Institute of Caribbean Studies on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#%21/pages/Instituto-de-Estudios-del-Caribe-UPR/146169468754542?ref=sgm\

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