Call for Submissions: The “Thinking against the Grain” Award and Special Prize “A Species in Danger”


Cuba’s Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Book Institute, and Nuevo Milenio Publishers call for submissions for the 12th edition of the “Pensar a Contracorriente” Award [Thinking against the Grain] and the 3rd edition of the Special Prize “ Una Especie en Peligro”  [A Species in Danger]. Many thanks to Arnold August for bringing this item to our attention.

The purpose of these awards to recognize and disseminate critical thinking about the most pressing issues and challenges of the contemporary world from the perspective of a broad anticolonial, anti-imperialist, and emancipatory sense, evolving towards an exemplary theory of development that moves away from a capitalist imprint, committed to the crucial environmental issues and censorship of the cruel destruction that the irrational desire for profit imposes on Mother Nature.

The awards aim to contribute to the development of ideas, analysis, and active proposals in Social Sciences, Culture, and the Scientific-Technical arena. In this context, the prizes call for a diversity of approaches and viewpoints, as well as the confrontation with the foundations of hegemonic systems of thought within new international geopolitics.

  1. Authors from any country may participate with (no more than) one unpublished essay in Spanish, Portuguese, English, or French (or translated into any of these languages), not previously committed for publication or having won prizes in other competitions.
  2. The essay should be no less than 20 pages long nor exceed 40 pages and should include a rigorous bibliography.
  3. The essay must be submitted by December 20, 2014, as an attachment (preferably rtf, although doc. or open files formats like odt are accepted) in a single copy and a single message, properly identified with the full name author, age, identity number and current address, and a summary of your CV to the e-mail address:

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