Dominican and Haitian Boat People Shipwrecked


In the early dawn today (28 August 2014) a boat carrying Dominicans and Haitians to Puerto Rico was shipwrecked in the Mona Passage, an extremely dangerous, shark-infested area. A small group of people were rescued.

_CROPz0x209y400A woman three-months pregnant is among the survivors of a shipwreck in the Mona Passage when a group of Dominicans and Haitians tried to reach Puerto Rico illegally, with 23 missing, according to a source in the Dominican Navy.

Some of the survivors told Navy officers and Civil Defense officials that they paid unidentified organizers US$1,000 each to travel to Puerto Rico. Navy boats look for more survivors and try to recover bodies since dawn Thurs. in the area of Isla Mona, site of a steady flow of undocumented Haitian and Dominican boatpeople looking to reach US territory.

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