Caroni Swamp Bird Sanctuary Tours in Trinidad


Classes are about to begin—very exciting—but I can’t help but daydream about going kayaking in the Caribbean. This tour, the Caroni Swamp Kayak Tour in Trinidad, sounds nice to me: bird watching (with special attention to the Scarlet Ibis), touring the mangroves, and exercising all at once.

Description: Trinidad-based adventure tour group Paria Springs Adventures has launched a daytime, family-friendly Caroni Swamp Kayak Tour. The water-based excursion was implemented due to the change in nesting and roosting habits of the Scarlet Ibis, Trinidad’s national bird. Between the months of October and April, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary tour takes groups on an informative two-hour tour for a chance to see the daily roosting habits of the Scarlet Ibis, which takes place every evening around sunset, transforming the color landscape of the mangroves to a sea of bright red.

Kayak Tour 3 (1)

Weekly tours are being offered now through October 31, 2014. [. . .] Once in the water, Courtenay Rooks, tour leader principal for Paria Springs, conducts a quick lesson on paddling and techniques. While paddling, ospreys, caimans and beautiful wattled jacana hopping from lily to lily are expected to be seen. If lucky a silky anteater or tree boa may be spotted. [. . .] The kayak tour begins on the northern edge of Caroni Swamp, heading towards Blue River and then into a protected area. Once the group enters the depth of the remarkable wetland, the narrow channels are just wide enough for kayaks. Beautiful birds, such as the spectacular Scarlet Ibis, Snowy Egrets, several types of herons and ducks reside in these areas of the swamp.

For schedule and pricing information, contact Courtenay Rooks at

For more information on Trinidad and Tobago visit  or

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