Silvio Rodriguez Claims Bureaucrats Ruining His Recording Studio in Cuba


Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez complained that his Abdala recording studio, which he founded in Havana in 1998, is “dying” as a result of all the bureaucratic red tape and useless government officials, while directly blaming the island’s Culture Ministry, Hispanically Speaking News reports.

“Abdala, which was a project approved and supervised by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, is being destroyed by the complacency of the many government officials aware of the situation but who do nothing,” Rodriguez wrote in the latest entry on his personal blog, Segunda Cita.

The founder of Cuba’s “Nueva Trova” musical movement said that some of those culture officials “never forgave the existence of Abdala,” a project carried out with financing by the Cuban government and by Rodriguez himself, and which became the leading studio on the island from the time it was inaugurated 16 years ago.

“Instead of seeing the studio as a cultural gem, they felt it was showing up their incompetence. People who think like that aren’t musicians, and if someone was a musician, he would quit thinking like that,” he said.

The studio – managed in recent years by the state-run Cimex corporation – is currently without electricity for not paying the bill, but it can’t pay its bills “because for the past eight months it’s been in the process of being transferred to the Culture Ministry, a process that never gets done for some unknown reason,” Rodriguez said.

“Several days ago a deputy culture minister said that he can’t pay Abdala’s electricity debt because companies must pay off their own debts,” he said.

The musician said the studio had to suspend its work despite having signed contracts “that could bring our country quite a few thousands.”

“Abdala won’t be able to start that work because of this situation. Nor can it pay its debts and, naturally, it will continue deteriorating as a company,” he said.

“It looks like ‘a plan of the enemy’ but it’s not the CIA,” he said.

Rodriguez noted that the Abdala matter “has gone through the hands of three Culture Ministries” and believes “there’s no willingness to do anything.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time knocking on doors that don’t open and talking to ears that don’t listen. Don’t think I don’t feel ashamed to confess this in public. But it will make me even more ashamed when I see the studio in ruins,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “Silvio Rodriguez Claims Bureaucrats Ruining His Recording Studio in Cuba

  1. Es tiempo de que el pueblo CUBANO ponga a el “casticismo” a dormir el sueňo eterno del olvido igual que los otros países de Latino America pusieron sus dictaduras. Al igual que los dominicanos pusieron a dormir a el “trujillato” y el resto de Latino America pusieron a dormir sus correspondientes pesadillas dictatoriales. Abusos como los que están sufriendo Silvio y otros que no se atreven a denunciarlos porque desafortunadamente dependen financieramente de los abusadores son parte del estilo sovietico de transición hacia un capitalismo donde e l poder se concentra en las manos de los titulares politicos que se beneficiaron del otrora poder castrista en Cuba.
    La elite cubana se beneficio de los dictadores a traves del “yanquismo” y ahora se benefician del desembalaje del castirmo a traves de copiar a los soviéticos y los chinos de China “comunista.” Suena traído por los pelos, pero solamente aquellos que están siendo arrastrados por los pelos son quienes lo sienten.

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