Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus Concert On ‘Morality Grounds’


The sensible Dominican Republic government has banned Miley Cyrus concerts from its country based on “morality grounds,” People magazine reports.

Cyrus, who made “twerk” a household verb after her 2013 VMA performance when she grinded up against Robin Thicke and grabbed herself with a foam finger as he sang “Blurred Lines,” had a September concert scheduled in the country, Kaitlan Collins reports for The commission that oversees public performances released a statement Thursday saying Cyrus “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

We can’t exactly blame them.

On her “Bangerz” tour, Cyrus has ridden an inflatable hot dog, had dollar bill confetti fall from the ceiling, and grinded against an Abe Clinton lookalike.

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4 thoughts on “Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus Concert On ‘Morality Grounds’

  1. How perfectly hypocritical and asinine. The DR is itself a morally bankrupt, criminal, and inhumane white supremacist “axis of evil” apartheid racist state. By contrast, Ms. Cyrus is nano sized on the immorality scale.

    The DR’s crazed hatred of Haitians manifests in variously inhumane scenarios: Black Haitians being systematically destroyed (genocide), Blacks treated like animals on the “slave plantations” they call – Bateys, some have been burned alive (lynched) in the streets, stoned, ostracized, criminalized and even those Haitians born in the DR are not permitted to have citizenship in this light skin* obsessed society, but must live in the twilight status of a “non-person.”

    Most ‘sensible” people, who do not hold racial prejudices and white supremacist agendas would not have expressed the opinion that these racist bureaucrats in the DR are “sensible”, especially given the fact that the Dominican Republic has made their apartheid policies toward blacks the law. In a truly just world, the DR would be brought to the ICC, along with their sponsors and mentors in the U.S. plutocratic kleptocracy.

    * (most of the racists in the DR are “black” and a large portion are of Haitian descent! — in particular, the monster and dominican dictator trujillo who massacred over 60,000 Black migrants, but who’s gran was Haitian)

  2. No disrespect to the person who aggregated this article from the daily caller, who may very well be of a differing opinion from that expressed by that entertainment outlet.

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