Photographic Exhibition: Jason Mena’s “Paisajes ideológicos (Ideological Landscapes)”


Jason Mena’s “Paisajes ideológicos” [Ideological Landscapes] will open at the Museum of Modern Art of the Dominican Republic on September 2, 2014, at 7:30pm. This exhibition is sponsored by the Dominican Republic’s Fundación Imagen 83, Centro de la Imagen, the Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Embassy of Mexico. The show is part of Photoimagen 2014, a photography festival that runs every two years in September, photography month in the Dominican Republic.

Other participating artists include: Graciela Iturbide (Mexico), Marcos López (Argentina), Alex Castro (Cuba), Colectivo MR: Marina García Burgos y Ricardo Ramón Jarne (Spain), Quintapata: Jorge Pineda, Raquel Paiewonsky, Belkis Ramirez and Pascal Meccariello (Dominican Republic), and Alejandro Cartagena (Dominican Republic), among others.

Description of “Paisajes ideológicos”: A space usually reserved for advertisers is transformed into an active platform for the promotion of ideas. We are constantly being bombarded with messages trying to persuade us to consume a certain product or brand. Billboards hovering over crowded highways are a perfect example of this effort in mass consumption. In this series of photographs, advertisement spaces are replaced with carefully chosen texts that urge the viewer to think for themselves. These images, although technically and conceptually concrete, are to be considered proposals for an actual urban intervention.

See more images at

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