Calle 13 Leader Singer Residente Has Baby with Actress Wife


Singer Residente, leader of the Calle 13 band, and his wife, Argentine actress Soledad Fandiño, have had their first child and named him Milo, Hispanically Speaking News reports.

“Since Aug. 7 we have 4.185 kilos of love and 9.4 pounds of peace sleeping with us. Born of an Argentine and delivered by a Mexican. I introduce you to Milo,” said Rene Perez, the singer’s real name, on his Instagram account.

Residente has spent months writing about his wife’s pregnancy on social networks, where he referred to the unborn baby as “the jumper.”

The couple wed in early January 2013 in a private ceremony in El Yunque Rain Forest in eastern Puerto Rico.

The Argentine actress appeared in Calle 13’s music video “La Vuelta al Mundo,” shot in Buenos Aires and directed by Oscar-winning Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella.

Fandiño accompanied Perez to a ceremony in November 2011 in the Puerto Rican Athenaeum, where the Board of Directors awarded the singer the first Ramon Emeterio Betances Medal, named after the leader of the revolution against Spanish rule known as the “Grito de Lares” (Cry of Lares).

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