The Netherlands Announces Release of Venezuelan Diplomat Detained in Aruba

1528670_10154411186515615_1831167931937056238_n-300x212Aruba released Venezuelan General Hugo “Pollo” Carvajal today (July 27, 2014), upon President Nicolas Maduro’s arrival on the island. The general had been appointed Consul General of Venezuela in Aruba but was arrested under suspicion of drug trafficking.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said that the Netherlands decided to release the Venezuelan General Hugo “Pollo” Carvajal, who was arrested in Aruba last Wednesday night.

Through a statement, the Dutch Government finally recognized that Carvajal has diplomatic immunity because he was appointed Consul General of Venezuela in Aruba earlier this year.

“The head of a consular mission was admitted on an interim basis and therefore the Kingdom of the Netherlands recognizes that these regulations apply to Mr. Carvajal Barrios,” a document sent by the Dutch embassy in Venezuela stated and was read by Jaua during the Third Congress of the PSUV.

According to the foreign minister, Carvajal is still not aware of the decision. The Venezuelan government is in contact with representatives and lawyers who are on the island. [. . .] “It’s another victory for the dignity of Venezuela and the respect the world has for this country,” he concluded.

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