Photography Exhibition: Philippe Virapin’s « Insomnie »


Philippe Virapin’s « Insomnie » [Insomnia] opened in June and will be on view until August 3, 2014, at Case à Léo, L’Habitation Clément, Martinique. Through a collection of sixteen photographs, this individual exhibition invites the spectator to explore the depths and magic of the tropical night and its inhabitants.

Description: An invitation to a journey into the depths of the night, where the invisible inhabits unimagined forms, those of night terrors, childhood nightmares, or inaccessible dreams.

Mingled curiosity and fear fueling ones desires, exacerbating ones passions. To see without being seen. To capture the intimate, the unspeakable.

Looking for real or imagined stories, Philippe Virapin wanders, strolls, always in a precarious balance between a the beauty of a beautiful discovery or danger.

Devotion, fascination, wonder, questioning, the image is nothing but a reflection of the need to better apprehend one’s surroundings, to make it one’s own. [. . .]


A double perception, a constant game between light and shadow, a studio technique that is fine and mastered, will give their full measure to his message.  Sixteen photographs, through which the artist-photographer allows us to glimpse, to brush against—without ever revealing that part of the soul, his own—while experiencing as much pleasure in purloining it from the people and things that he meets during his travels.

Listen to the artist here:

For more information (in French), see virapin

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