Notting Hill Carnival Sunday (the new Monday) 


Notting Hill Carnival Sunday used to be ‘Children’s Day’ but, according to Katie Segal, things have changed. Segal writes, “WE have turned Sunday into a day-long J’Ouvert, the best party there is.” This partying by hard-core bacchanalists, she promises, includes the joyful spattering of chocolate, mud, or colorful powders.

We know that times have changed. We also know that we have helped them change (not entirely selflessly). Because these days, when I’m out on Carnival Sunday there’s barely a child in sight. Admittedly, I don’t really leave my band (why would i?), so there may be hundreds, even thousands, of gorgeous little ones in cute costumes chipping (and occasionally scandalously and shockingly wining) down the road. I do really know that there are – I’ve seen the costumes displayed by the mas bands – but now they seem like a figment of imagination.

[. . .] Pure Lime has been around the longest; 2014 will be their 18th year on the road. Join them to be smothered in liquid chocolate, but also overwhelmed with joy, freedom and wildness on the streets of London. There’s nothing like it. (Well, there is, of course, the aforementioned J’Ouvert, in the Caribbean or even here in Notting Hill. But this goes on longer…)

Now, we also have UK Chocolate Nation. And if you prefer your sticky brown skin-covering to be inedible, you have the option of T&T Mudders; self-explanatory I think. And there are also a range of paint bands to choose from, including ABIR, UCOM and Triniposse, as well as BNM UK, who do their colour dry-style with tinted powder.

There are many who now prefer Sunday to Monday; some don’t even bother coming out on Monday. And the only children you see, as parents run to prevent their expensive child-mobiles being permanently decorated, are a few slightly shorter chocolate-covered bacchanalists.

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