Film: “Within These Walls” Episodes Focus on Trinidad and Tobago’s Iconic Buildings


“Within These Walls” is a series of short programs, produced by SAVANT Ltd and centering on Trinidad and Tobago’s salient governance buildings, to be broadcast through The Parliament Channel. Co-directed by Mariel Brown and Juliette McCawley, the series provides brief and insightful glimpses into both the social and architectural histories of some of the country’s most recognizable buildings.

The ten episodes cover iconic buildings such as the President’s House, the Red House, the CabildoKnowsleyWhitehall and the Hall of Justice. The programs are being broadcast on The Parliament Channel, and are also available to watch on their youtube channel here.

“Within These Walls” was worked on by a very talented crew.  These are the series credits:
Executive Producer: The Parliament Channel
Producer for The Parliament Channel: Candice Dubarry
Series Producer, co-producer, co-writer, co-director and editor: Mariel Brown
Co-producer, co-writer, co-director: Juliette McCawley
Original Music: Francesco Emmanuel
Camera Operators: Maurice Alexander, Sean Edghill, Selwyn Henry

For more information, see and

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