Popular Caribbean Book Series “Star Boy” Debuts As Short Animated Film


Tilsa Wright turns her popular book series “Star Boy” into animated short.

Jamaica born author Tilsa Wright has translated her popular “Star Boy” book series into a short animated film with the help of St.Catherine, Jamaica based young animator Stephen Williamson.

Stephen who won 4th place at Jamaica’s very first animation conference back in June 2013, saw Tilsa’s vision and rendered an award worthy 10 minutes short film which stars “Star Boy” main character Tania Watson-Lane, voiced by internationally known actress and blogger Carla Moore. The amazing score features Grass roots singers Jane Macgizmo with “Black Skin” and “Trouble Maker” by N.Payne.

“Star Boy” author Tilsa Wright stated “Star Boy animation has been a year of highs and low. At the end it truly melts my heart to see the unison of young Jamaican talent. Key person I would love to benefit from this project is Stephen Williamson, to help build and highlight his portfolio and small business. Second my girl with a heart of pure gold, Jane Macgizmo, her Erykah Badu sound is exceptionally different coming from the land of Reggae and Dancehall, she has even caught the attention of billboard contributing writer Patricia Meschino. “BlackSkin” is just plain out right perfect. To the production team and other actors I deeply thank you and continued blessing”

The “Star Boy” series are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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