Montserrat’s Warren Cassell Jr. Named the Caribbean’s Youngest Entrepreneur

warrenThe “Young, Gifted & Black Series” by Taki S. Raton (of the Milwaukee Courier) recently posted an article on a 15 year-old from Montserrat, who has been described as “driven, passionate and completely focused on achieving his goals”— Warren Cassell Jr.  Read excerpts here and see full article in the link below:

Warren Cassell Jr. is an internationally established entrepreneur, a published author of two books, and a highly successful investor from the Caribbean island of Montserrat. At the age of 15, he has during his youthful climb to fame and fortune founded multiple companies, contributed to the Huffington Post and has even earned a first degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Citing his personal bio, Warren is a member of the Leaders Investment Club and has been constantly recognized as a prominent business leader and role model for young people. Just within this past year, the Montserrat Department of Youth Affairs recognized the young teen as a “Youth on the Rise” and named him “Caribbean Journal’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2013.” His business and investment portfolio is both quite expansive and impressive to include media engagement, Internet activity, and food manufacturing. He further actively invest in hedge funds, private equity and in real estate.

Warren is Founder and CEO of the Abella Group, a privately held investment company designed to manage his investments in a number of sectors to include media, publishing, technology, and financial services. As additionally noted in his bio, the Abella Group also works with institutional investors and high net worth individuals to co-invest in a diverse collection of investment opportunities.

[. . .] A very fast track competitive businessman, he seeks to always be “ahead of others who are not willing to go that extra mile or do whatever it takes to succeed.”

[. . .] The still budding entrepreneur started his business journey at the age of eight when he launched his own greeting card business. Along with the assistance of a small capital outlay from his parents to get him started, he designed and marketed his cards to an international consumer base. Following his success in the greeting card industry, it was at this time at the age of 13 when he turned his attention to making investments in hedge funds, private equity and in real estate. It was this vision which led to the formation of the Abella Group which now, cites the July 7, 2014 writing of Financial Juneteenth, has around 50 to 60 clients worldwide for whom he designs websites.

[. . .] Currently a student at Montserrat Secondary School, Warren published his first book, “The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You,” in 2013. With the assist of a fictional farm and caricature farm animals, our youthful author informs us, according to a review account, “That pigs, cows and even ants can teach us lessons.”

[. . .] In his second 2014 published title “Swim or Drown: Business and Life Lessons I’ve Learned from the Ocean,” Warren further underscores his contention that we can learn everything there is to know about life by simply observing nature. “Several sea turtles sprint across the beach, jumping over driftwood and dodging hungry birds. These creatures simply do not know the meaning of the word, ‘obstacle’,” he writes in this title. “’Swim or Drown’ has shown me something I have yet to find from any author or investor – the fibers that relate business to the main aspects of life,” cites investor Mohammad Islam in his Amazon praise for “Swim or Drown.” “Warren goes into depth about marine life and relates it to what he has learned and puts it in words that couldn’t be altered.

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See interview with Mr. Cassell (and photo above) at

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