Dominica PM says no to same-sex marriage


The Dominica Government says it will not accept same-sex marriages, insisting the island will not follow other countries in doing so, Jamaica’s Observer reports.

“I will make it clear that there are some things that this Government will not accept and we will never allow for the state to recognise same-sex marriage in our country. If other countries want to do it, that’s a matter for them but there are certain guiding principles that we must follow,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said.

The local group, Minority Rights Dominica (MiriDom), has been calling on the Government to re-examine the Sexual Offence Act of Dominica as it relates to buggery, claiming that the legislation “discriminates against people because of their sexual preferences.

“We are just asking that everybody be treated equally,” the group said, adding that it was still awaiting correspondence from Prime Minister Skerrit on the issue.

But Prime Minister Skerrit said while he is willing to meet with MiriDom to discuss issues, concerns and recommendations. “I don’t think any one group should impose any views on any other group.

“We are prepared to meet with MiriDom at any time. We will seek to contact them again and arrange for the Minister for Social Services and myself to meet and discuss with them.”

The prime minister also dismissed reports that police were threatening to arrest people at their homes engaged in same-sex. “This has never happened in Dominica and I don’t think that will be happening any time now or later,” he said.

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