Dust Clouds from the Sahara Over Cuba

saharan dust air layer

Since the beginning of July, Cuba has experienced a significant presence of dust clouds coming from the Sahara desert, Granma reported today.

In the evening, the sky has a milky tone while the capital is covered by an atypical fog. Physicist Eugenio Mojena said the condition would continue over the next days.

The mass of hot, dry and dusty air will maintain temperatures high in the national territory, with a reduction of summer rains in the afternoon hours, said an expert from the Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology.

2 thoughts on “Dust Clouds from the Sahara Over Cuba

  1. You are correct… My group spent 12 years studying the microbes (culturing)
    in African dust. It is loaded and also contains mercury, Pb-210 and Be-7 which are gamma emitters. Unfortunately no one seems to care and asthma keeps rising. Bottom line is: No one has figured out how to make money off of African dust. Gene

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