It’s time for your shelfie! Photographer captures stunning images of rare loggerhead turtle during dive in Bahamas


They have a reputation for avoiding humans and being easily frightened.
But this rare loggerhead turtle had no problem coming out of its shell for a selfie – or a shellfie – in these amazing pictures with diver Cristian Dimitrus, Corey Charlton reports for The Daily Mail. FOllow the link below for the original reports and a gallery of photographs.
The pair recreated the famous style of photograph – made popular by celebs like Kim Kardashian – under the waves in the Bahamas.

The wildlife cinematographer, 39, travels the globe searching for great wildlife moments but said he’s never experienced anything like this before.
‘I took the turtle pictures in the Bahamas, in a dive site called the lost blue hole, near Nassau.
‘The Bahamas is known as one of the world’s best dive destination and I was there for vacations, not working. But I always take my camera with me.
‘It’s is a loggerhead turtle and it is a great rule of thumb to keep your distance from marine creatures and not touch them
‘But when you work underwater and visit sites regularly you get to know the inhabitants of the area, in other words you get to know the hood and you get to meet the gang.

‘This was my first selfie with a turtle and no other turtle has ever allowed such of thing.
‘It’s not hard to see a sea turtle but they are usually skittish and do not approach divers.
‘But this one was different and when it saw me it came straight towards me which is really weird.
‘She was all over me, following me, gently biting my fins, and looking me straight in the eyes.’

‘I have never seen something like that, a totally different behaviour and I count more than 4,000 dives all over the world. it was an amazing encounter, really unique and after taking some pictures of the turtle, I just had to turn the camera around and start making selfies to remember this rare encounter.
‘Imagine how wonderful it would be if all the animal did not fear humans and how nice it would be to interact with wild animals like that with love and respect in a daily basis.
‘After that encounter I felt that this could be possible and we just need to spend more time with nature, loving it, admiring it, enjoying it and not destroying it.’

For the original report go to

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