Photography Exhibition: « Requiem pour une île—Nord Plage »


Jean-luc de Laguarigue presents « Requiem pour une île—Nord Plage » [Requiem for an Island—North Beach] at Les Foudres Habitation Saint-Étienne in Gros-Morne, Martinique. Open to the public Mondays through Fridays, 9:30am to 12:30pm and 1:00 to 4:00pm.

Guillaume Pigeard of Gurbert writes:

The poet had ordered his beautiful island to exist; the island followed the slope without being able to escape the inexorable corrosion of avid salt and bitter winds. The invisible dissolution began at a forgotten corner of the island, where an entire lifestyle survived, who knows how.

Resourcefulness in hand, the people of Nord Plage practiced the wealth of destitution. Sheltered from others’ glances, Nord Plage went Creole-style to the world. Pigs still lived there in their Sunday leisure.

The moldy walls are fading now into a palette of marine blues and greens, where it is impossible to know whether this is the work of man’s hand or of time. Under the canvas sheets and amid the splendors of time/concrete, Nord Plage has never ceased to mingle with nature. Nestled between the cliff and the sea, Nord Plage seems to have emerged from a dialogue of the elements. Modernity itself has not been able to introduce its prestige and facilities without bending the essential rites of this place. Thus the crossed electrical cables have extended crossroads that connects Nord Plage to the rest of the island.

Today the houses and streets are deserted. Who will ever know the lost promises of these openings without window panes? The rusty tin roofs meet the gray sky, which also come to meet the sea and pebbles. Nord Plage returns to the elements. Nord Plage has lost its balan! It is this lost cry that is revealed to us through these photographs.


Les Foudres HSE is located at the heart of l’Habitation Saint-Étienne. This unique architectural ensemble, classified in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments, is today one of the last and one of the finest examples of Martinican heritage.

[. . .] It is enlivened by the permanent exhibition of photographer Jean-Luc Laguarigue, « Le Pays des imaginés » [The Land of the Imagined], which invites the visitor to a unique voyage into the poetic universe of Édouard Glissant. This exhibition may occasionally be taken down to make room for other artists.

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