Top Dive Sites in the Caribbean


Caribbean Travel and Leisure lists seven top sites for diving in the Caribbean—Saba, St. Croix, Bonaire, Virgin Gorda, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and Grand Cayman—with details about what makes these spots interesting. [Aah, to dream…]

Saba: Saba has the richest variety of marine life in this part of the Caribbean, with its unusually-coloured black sand, underwater lava flows, and millions upon millions of beautiful fish, with each species showing off thousands of differently-coloured waving fins, thrashing tails and undulating bodies. The island doesn’t have much to offer in respect of beaches, however this is more than made up for by the underwater experience that many divers say is completely unforgettable.

St. Croix: St. Croix is becoming increasingly popular and can offer beach dives, night time dives, wreck dives, as well as the ever popular wall dives. Divers are treated to some extremely diverse diving spots, most notably Davis Bay, which is the fifth deepest body of water in the world at a staggering 3600 metres straight down.

Bonaire: Bonaire has a community of extremely ecologically aware divers that constantly work together to ensure that the reefs and corals of this beautiful diving Mecca remain untouched and unaffected by the presence of man. The island of Bonaire is spectacular, both in its natural beauty and in the reefs that surround the island.

Virgin Gorda: The wreck of the famous HMS Rhone is waiting for divers here, lying off Salt Island. This ship was actually a Royal Mail steamer that went down in a storm in 1867 is now a favoured dive site, and is probably the most visited wreck in the Caribbean, with awesome photo opportunities and fantastic wildlife all around

Turks and Caicos: These islands are very quiet and are relatively unexplored, with new caves, coral reefs, and other underwater sights. In fact, fishermen in this area often report seeing whales between the months of January and March. Turks and Caicos is generally thought of as a dive site for the more experienced diver, with depths in the area reaching up to 2100 metres. However this only proves to be a mild deterrent, owing to the abundance of marine life here, which includes thousands of species of fish, and many unusual corals and anemones.

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico is a favourite dive site of more experienced divers, with its multitude of sea walls, caves, and stunning coral reefs. There is an unforgettable shelf in southern Puerto Rico that forms a 30 KM long sea wall which is absolutely teeming with thousands of species of colourful fish and coral. This is a breathtaking experience, with underwater photography enthusiasts often making this a proud and treasured centrepiece of their collections.

Grand Cayman: There are at least 30 diving operators in business here with a range of top class professional diving services available such as equipment hire, repair and servicing, sales and rental as well as professional instruction on diving, snorkelling, and underwater photography. This is a booming location, constantly buzzing with activity, so anybody expecting to dive in seclusion, should probably look elsewhere.

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