Call for Submissions: Hiedra Magazine’s Forthcoming Issue—“Borders and Exile”


The editors of Hiedra Magazine (Revista Hiedra)—a literary and arts magazine that focuses on Latin American and Latino contexts—have sent out a call for papers for their forthcoming issue, exploring the topics of borders and exile. The deadline for all submissions is August 24, 2014.

Description: Hiedra Magazine’s forthcoming third issue will explore the topics of “borders and exile.” Predictably and necessarily, this thematic trajectory will address widely established and discussed ideas, such as national citizenship, territory, and migration–questions that are increasingly relevant to the social and political (not to mention cultural and artistic) realities of individuals and populations who interact with borders  or find themselves in some form of exile.

Just as naturally growing ivy peacefully climbs walls, pokes holes in structures, and shows little regard for man-made borders, so will this Hiedra redefine established ideas in pursuit of what lies beyond the walls. Hiedra asks for contributions that will complicate commonly understood ideas of borders and exile, entering unexplored territories, for it is in this strange ground of unseen terrain and untouched thought that Hiedra seems to be the most fertile.

Guidelines: We will accept works of creative writing, academic essays, and journalistic articles. Submissions can be sent to the address with attachments in Word and containing the author’s name and brief biographical information. Poems and short stories should not exceed a limit of 2500 words. Articles and academic essays should not exceed a limit of 3000 words. We will additionally accept photography, painting, graphic narratives (e.g. comics), and works in other visual artistic media. Please submit all images in .jpg format. Image file sizes should not exceed 2 MB, along with the artist’s name and brief biographical information.

Deadline for all submissions is August 24, 2014. Each submission will be reviewed by our Editorial Board, and accepted contributors will be notified by September 9th, 2014.

For more information, please visit:


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