Art Exhibition: “Semiotic Preoccupations—Object, Signs and Symbols”


Two Caribbean artists—Pascal Meccariello (Dominican Republic) and Jason Mena (Puerto Rico)—are participating in the collective exhibition entitled “Semiotic Preoccupations: Object, Signs and Symbols.” Curated by Garcia Frankowski, the exhibition opens tonight, Sunday, June 29, 2014, at 4:00pm at Intelligentsia Gallery in Beijing (Dong Wang Hutong #11, Dong Cheng District Beijing), China.

Other artists include Ren Zhitian (Xishui, China), Alena Olasyuk (Ukraine), Céline Lamée (The Netherlands), and Johan Nijhoff (The Netherlands).

Description: The fifth international exhibition dissects the role and function of signs as vehicles of signification and meaning. Paintings, video, prints and installations invite to scrutinize, review and question art as conveyor of symbols and as a signifying object in itself. Semiotic Preoccupations reveals the inexorable potential of a level of signification that is achieved by our inherent capacity to assimilate qualities, existential facts and conventions transforming them into possible readings of objects, signs and symbols. In this flexible arena of ideas the most basic of forms could induce the most complex of meanings.

The exhibition feeds from the dialectical tension of artworks simultaneously specific in their material form and rizhomatic in the multiplicity of layers of their possible readings. Opening the 29th of June, Intelligentsia Gallery will present objects, signs and symbols in a search to answer our Semiotic Preoccupations.

For more information, see

Also see,-Signs-and-Symbols.html in English, in French, and in English and Chinese.

See Jason Mena‘s artist’s page at and Pascal Meccariello‘s blog at

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