Upcoming Conference: Heading towards a vision of Indo-Caribbean diasporic culture


The issue of how to promote and preserve the culture of the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora is central to establishing a vision for future generations. Despite the rich potential culture possesses to make a vital contribution towards the creation of a better world, this potential is not being realised, said a release from the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC). 

The NCIC, as part of its 50th anniversary programme, will be hosting an International Diaspora conference which focuses on the future of Indian culture within the Caribbean Diaspora.

The call for papers was made for presentations on the heritage and historical contexts; performing, visual and creative arts; technology, e-culture and entrepreneurship; healthy lifestyles—culinary and medicinal healthscapes; sustainable Indian cultural development; NCIC and other voluntary organisations in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora—future generations; youth and gender issues; impact of Indian films on the Indian Diaspora; Divali Nagar in the 21st century —traditions, commerce and cultural transmissions; and the future directions for Indo-Caribbean culture.

The release added that local, regional and international academic and practice-based contributors will examine the concept of Indo-Caribbean culture as a constructive characteristic of future community life. The intention is to expose several factors which cause culture to play a marginal rather than mainstream role and by extension, prevent the realisation of the full potential of culture in the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora.

The public is invited to register and attend this definitive three-day conference which will host an opening ceremony on July 11 at 7 pm and the presentation of papers and discussions on July 12 and 13.


The International Diaspora Conference will be held at the NCIC, Divali Nagar compound. Those interested can register by calling the NCIC Secretariat on 671-6242 or e-mail office@ncictt.com.

Registration forms are available on the NCIC’S Web site www.ncictt.com. 

Refreshments and lunch will be served during conference days and is free of charge to the general public.

For the original report go to http://www.guardian.co.tt/lifestyle/2014-06-25/heading-towards-vision-indo-caribbean-diasporic-culture

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