Dominican VP Margarita Cedeño Lauds Juan Bosch’s Legacy


We are getting close to the anniversary of Juan Bosch’s birth: June 30, 1909. One of the great writers of the Dominican Repblic, Juan Emilio Bosch Gaviño was a politician, historian, educator, and the first democratically elected president of that country for a brief period in 1963 (I highly recommend reading about the coup that ended his presidency and the role of the U.S. in this event). [Also see previous post Juan Bosch (1909-2001).] Here is a short article that highlights VP Margarita Cedeño’s recognition of Bosch as a key figure in the Dominican Republic’s history:

To mark the 105th anniversary of Professor Juan Bosch’s birth, vice president Margarita Cedeño affirmed that his figure “is inextinguishable, his legacy cannot be erased, on the contrary, it will last a lifetime.”

Referring to the birth date of founder and long-time leader of Dominican Republic’s ruling PLD party and former President, Cedeño noted that the country has historically experienced lengthy political processes, which have led to a transformed society and Government, blazing the trail toward a sustainable and inclusive democracy; becoming Bosch’s legacy, the “cornerstone for political freedom and development which Dominican society exhibits today.”

“We embrace this day to reflect on our democracy, our achievements and progress, mainly the wider freedoms for our families; those living in situations of injustice and vulnerability,” said Cedeño, a senior leader of the PLD.

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