Caribbean-themed Panels at NEMLA 2015


The 46th Annual Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA) Conference to take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from April 30 – May 3, 2015. The deadline for submissions for abstracts and short vitae is September 30, 2014. Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sharing information on this year’s Caribbean-themed panels for NEMLA 2015:

Panel: Contemporary Writings of the Hispanic Caribbean in the United States (Chair: Sharina Maillo Pozo)  This panel seeks papers that address the socio-cultural impact of migration to the United States on the literary works of Contemporary Latino writers from the Hispanic Caribbean. The topics of the panel include, but are not limited to: the (re)construction of (trans)national discourses; gender representations; language and identity; integration of mainstream popular culture; cultural hybridity; spatial configurations; technoculture. Please submit 250-500 word abstracts to Sharina Maillo-Pozo.

Panel: The Ecocritical Caribbean (Chair: Carine Mardorossian)  This session welcomes ecocritical readings of Caribbean fiction and nonfiction alike. What function does the representation of the environment and the physical landscape play in these texts? How is the relationship between the human and nonhuman worlds depicted? How is the Caribbean region’s profound alteration by colonialism represented through the depiction of its physical environment?

Panel: ‘One Love?’ Examining Contemporary Caribbean Literatures and Cultures (Chairs: Irline Francois and Vanessa Valdés)  For this panel, we invite participants to explore the rich cultural production of Caribbean artists (writers, musicians, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, etc.) of the last hundred years. How are we defining the Caribbean in the twenty-first century? How are we in conversation with each other? How do the arts portend the future of the region? We recognize ‘Caribbean’ to include the attendant international diasporas and welcome abstracts in all of the national languages spoken there.

Panel: Science and/of the Word: Alter-Humanisms in Caribbean Poetry and Philosophy (Chair: Adam Drury)  This session proposes to explore and assess the contributions of Caribbean poets and intellectuals both to the postcolonial/ecocritical/feminist/queer polemics against Enlightenment modernity and neo-liberal humanism and to the invention of alternative modes of being, thinking, and figuring the human. We welcome papers engaging the artistic and intellectual productions of Caribbean writers in the broad context of post-, anti-, and alter-humanisms. How do Caribbean texts unsettle and (re)invent relations between the Sciences and the Humanities?

Panel: The Urban Metropolis in Caribbean-American Literature (Chair: Pearlie M. Peters)  This panel seeks papers on the representation of the urban metropolis (Toronto, Brooklyn, etc) or on comparative studies of such representations in Caribbean literature. Papers on the writings of Austin C. Clarke and Paule Marshall are particularly welcome; so are explorations of literary depictions of Toronto as sanctuary, refuge, menace, or promised land for Caribbean immigrants who flocked to Toronto or Brooklyn in droves in the 1960s in pursuit of the great Canadian or American dream.

To submit abstracts, see the following link:

[Image above: Romare Bearden’s “Caribbean Landscape.”]

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