Caribbean book festivals, part 2


A post by Peter Jordens.

Related to the list of five Caribbean literary festival by Cassie Carothers (see post Brains Meet Bikinis: Island Hopping for Book Nerds), there is a similar, earlier (May 29) list of six Caribbean book festivals by Natalie Weiner and Tishanna Williams of LargeUp. They mention the same five festivals as Carothers, but add the Nature Island Literary Festival (Dominica), about which they write:

“This festival, held in Dominica each August since 2008, is a multilingual one, focusing on topics that relate to both Francophone and Anglophone islanders. Last year’s edition, for example, honored Martinique’s Aimé Césaire, one of the Eastern Caribbean’s most renowned writers and activists. The fest (held at the UWI campus in Roseau) is also part of the Emancipation Day festivities on the Nature Island, just one of many ways islanders celebrate their artistic and cultural heritage at that time of year. Keep up with developments here:” Also see our post about last year’s edition of this festival, The Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair.

Weiner and Williams also include a bonus seventh festival, Word! A Caribbean Book Fest, which is not in the insular Caribbean but in the diasporic city of Brooklyn, New York, USA. It is held annually in June to “celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month. The festival is unique in its commitment to representing all of the official languages of the region (Dutch, English, French, Spanish), as well as its many dialects.” Also see our post Word – A Caribbean Bookfest (Brooklyn, June 8).

For the full, original article by Weiner and Williams, go to

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