Small Axe ready for Music Fest 2014


DUBBED the ‘Sweetest Band in the World’, reigning Road March Champion Small Axe Band is set to make its seventh appearance at the upcoming St. Kitts Music Festival, and all of its members are promising an unforgettable show, SKNVibes reports.

The Small Axe Band was formed in 1980 with Livingston Samuel, Vandyke Sullivan, Elwin Lucas, Cecil Otto, Godfrey Humphrey, Vincent ‘Stickle’ Clarke and a man from Challengers Village called Everette. As the years progressed, there were a few other members but they eventually migrated.

Small Axe was crowned the National Road March Champion in 2012 and retained the title last year. However, this dynamic band has a total of eight road march titles including three consecutive wins in 1988, 1989 and 1990.

The wining songs for the three consecutive wins were ‘Big League’, ‘De Dan’ and ‘Pan Man’ respectively. Songs such as ‘Shub Back Pon de Iron’, ‘The Creep Up’, ‘The DCH’ and ‘The Swag’ were all songs that made a name for themselves in the Federation.

According to band leader Royston ‘Mr. World’ Wigley, for the band to make yet another Music Festival’s appearance is an ecstatic feeling as the members get to yet again entertain their thousands of fans across St. Kitts and Nevis.

“To me it’s an auspicious occasion, especially in these times that you don’t really find bands that really make it to the Festival because it’s an international music festival,” Mr. World said.

He added that the group has so far travelled extensively to North America and neighbouring islands to perform at shows and during carnival celebrations. “We have been at almost every carnival in the Caribbean,” he added.

The Small Axe Band is also currently preparing for the 2014-2015 Carnival celebrations as they already have a number of chants out, such as ‘Money’, which are soon to become hits for this year’s mega event.

“Money is just a chant at the moment, so when we put it out there as an actual song it should be robust,” Mr. World explained.

He also told this publication that so far the band’s reign has been a successful one as they continue to produce energetic music for their fans.

Mr. World revealed to SKNVibes Entertainment that the band is also working feverishly on their 2014-2015 Carnival album, which he said should be released by late October or early November.

“We have some chants already and we have some material written, but we have not quite finished with them as yet. But we are looking forward to bringing out the album…We want to do our own marketing,” Mr. World said.

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