St. Lucia Aims for Renewable Energy


In an effort to pursue the government’s aim to become renewable energy-dependent by the year 2020, regional and international energy donors are convening in Saint Lucia for an energy donors conference (taking place June 17 and 18).

The aim of the conference is to consolidate a national energy road map for Saint Lucia. Permanent secretary in the ministry of sustainable development, energy, science and technology, Sylvester Clauzel, said the meeting will advance the island’s cause to move from its reliance on diesel to renewable energy.

“We have support coming from many different places, so we felt it was important to bring these partners together so we can create a roadmap, and address in a more structured way our path towards achieving this 35 percent renewable energy by 2020,” Clauzel said.

The intent, he added, is to find ways to optimize the assistance received from donor agencies, and to identify financial, technical and capacity building support available for the renewable energy plan. “This forum is critical because now that so many people are on board, we can bring them together to find the best ways to provide support to Saint Lucia in a structured and efficient manner.”

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