Carlos Varela, Doctor of Laws and Trova


In “Carlos Varela, Doctor of Laws and Trova,” Javier Ortiz reports on the recent Honorary Doctor of Laws bestowed upon Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela by Queen’s University in Canada on Friday, June 13, 2014:

Varela was one of ten individuals chosen to receive this honor this year. In detailing why, the Queen’s University highlighted his merits and his long history as an icon of the trova, “The continued success of the music of Mr. Varela, both internationally and in Cuba confirms his place as a symbol of his musical generation.”

In 2009, thirty students from the Queen’s University attended a special presentation of Varela, who was presented to them as “renowned singer, poet and social critic.”

One of the teachers of the center, the historian Karen Dubinsky, worked as compiler of Habaname, la ciudad musical de Carlos Varela, a book composed of several essays where the lyrics by this troubadour are interpreted and contextualized.

Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Varela sang during the ceremony for the Honoris Causa doctorate. And though he dressed in the mandatory toga, at no time he took off his black balaclava.

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