Introducing a new interdisciplinary book series: Rethinking the Island


A new book series . . .

Over the last three decades, academic, writing on islands has grown rapidly.

To date, effort has focused on island ecologies and environments, island heritage and culture, and island vulnerabilities and resilience. In much of that work, characteristics such as isolation, insularity, small size, or dependency are presented uncritically and taken for granted.

New ways of thinking and writing about islands and island futures are needed. Rowman & Littlefield International has commissioned a new series, Rethinking the Island, to comprehensively investigate the range of topological and topographical characteristics that may lie at the heart of the idea of ‘islandness’. The books in this series will work from a twin understanding that the island is central to conceptions of self, place, and planet, and that the idealization of islands is upheld by strong associations between their materialities and their status as powerful imaginaries.

Authors from varied disciplines are invited to engage with key issues implicated by these fluid boundaries by submitting proposals for monographs and collections to the editorial team:

• Elaine Stratford, University of Tasmania, Associate Professor of Geography

• Godfrey Baldacchino, University of Malta, Professor of Sociology

• Elizabeth McMahon, University of New South Wales, Associate Professor, English

The series also has a stellar international editorial advisory group comprising among the most respected scholars in the field:

• Ian Buchanan, University of Wollongong, Professor of Critical and Cultural Theory

• Eric Clark, Lund University, Professor of Human Geography

• Dr Peter Clegg, University of the West of England, Senior Lecturer in Politics

• Elizabeth DeLoughrey, UCLA, Associate Professor, Humanities

• Rod Edmond, University of Kent, Emeritus Professor of English

• Dr Lisa Fletcher, University of Tasmania, Lecturer, English

• Brian Roberts, Brigham University, Assistant Professor, English

• Stephen Royle, Queens University Belfast, Professor of Island Geography

• Mimi Sheller, Drexel University, Professor and Director, Center for Mobilities Research and Policy

• James Sidaway, National University of Singapore, Professor of Political Geography

• Vanessa Smith, University of Sydney, Professor of English

• Philip Steinberg, Durham University, Professor of Political Geography

• Michelle Ann Stephens, Rutgers University, Associate Professor, English

• Phillip Vannini, Royal Roads University, Professor of Communication and Culture

To learn more about submitting proposals for consideration, in the first instance please contact

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