Dominica To Build International Airport with Help of China


Dominica already sees a significant progress for the financing and construction of an international airport with the help of China, said the government, according to reports of the local media, Prensa Latina reports.

The Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, said in a statement that after a visit to the Asian giant last month, they were able to sign a document with that nation that will be revealed soon and that it explains the details of the financing reached.

He said that the government of Dominica Labour Party (DLP) has always wanted to build an international airport on the island, allowing the Caribbean country to increase its air capacity and connectivity to boost its tourism numbers, but it does not have the financial support to develop this strategy.

Dominica is one of the countries in the Caribbean whose development plans have been hindered by the lack of an international airport, thus influencing a minor record of direct flights from Europe and other international destinations.

The idea of this strategy with foreign financing lies in building an airport under the concept of concession, so that developers build it, operate it and be their owners and managers for a period and then deliver it to the public sector of this Caribbean island.

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