Art Events: Visiones Culturales Presents “Language is Identity”

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Visiones Culturales, presents the collective exhibition “Language is Identity” at the Bronx Art Space at 305 East 140th Street #1A, New York, New York. The opening reception is scheduled for June 26, 2014, from 5:30 to 8:30pm, and runs until July 19, 2014. The show is curated by Josué Guarionex Colón and Yolanda L. Rodríguez. The featured artists include: Josué Guarionex Colón (Puerto Rico), Yarisa Colón (Puerto Rico), Tanya Torres (Puerto Rico), Norka Pérez (Puerto Rico), Justo Carreras (Puerto Rico), José Antonio Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Francisco Donoso (Ecuador), Carolina Bermúdez (Chile), Juan Fernando Morales (Puerto Rico), Miguel Luciano (Dominican Republic), Laura Álvarez (Spain), Urayoán Noel (Puerto Rico), and Fabián Caballero. Related activities are described below.

Description: “Language is Identity” will bring you an amazing group of Latino artists who explore the role language plays in the construction of our individual and collective identities; how it serves as a vehicle that helps us reinterpret our identity as we interact with new environments, people and experiences; but of course, from the perspective of their experiences as Latinos in the United States.

The Latino Artists and Poets will delve into topics such as:  the words that move us, the words that hurt us, and the words that remain after immigration, emigration, or displacement.  We explore topics of language lost and its emotional connection, how we use language to build or destroy, to censor and how self- worth is connected to it.

On June 28th from 11 am-1 pm there will also be a free Book Making Workshop with 2014 BRIO recipient, Yarisa Colon. Come and learn how to use common materials to make colorful, sophisticated, fabulous books. This workshop is free and participants of all ages are welcome. There is a limited amount of seats available for this free workshop so please pre-register by visiting the following link and printing your free ticket:

Additionally, on July 2nd from 6 to 8 pm, we are very excited to present to you the short documentary film Wordmade, produced and directed by Fabian Caballero and Yolanda L. Rodríguez.  This documentary explores the life stories of 4 Latino poets living in New York and how poetry/language influenced their identities as activists and community builders, inspiring a new generation or wordmade poets!  Wordmade features the stories of Jesus “Papoleto” Melendez, Myrna Nieves, Papo “Swiggity” Santiago and John “Chance” Acevedo. During these evening events there will be a panel discussion with Myrna Nieves, Mauricio Niebla, and Dominican artist Miguel Luciano [Note: there are two Miguel Lucianos; one from Puerto Rico and one from the Dominican Republic–this one is the latter] among others.  The evening’s free events also include a brief artist talk.

Visiones Culturales is a Bronx based organization that fosters and creates an avenue for Hispanic artists in the community, providing a platform for their development and exposure. Art and Culture for all: Arte y Cultura para todos! Believing in the Hispanic Artist/ Please follow our various media outlets to partake of exclusive content and to get more information about Visiones Culturales: Twitter-@VCulturales, Instragram-@VisionesCulturales, Facebook and YouTube-Visiones Culturales, and our website:

If you wish to donate to sponsor any of the artists participating and/or to support the production of our short documentary film please feel free to visit our donation page at

For more information you may contact Visiones Culturales founder Yolanda L. Rodríguez at

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