Haiti Plans to Expand Literacy to over 700,000 by 2016


Joseph Guyler Delva writes on how Haiti plans to build on literacy levels to over 700,000 by 2016. Here are a few excerpts with a link to the full article below:

Haiti’s government has launched an aggressive literacy campaign targeting nearly half a million Haitians, following a program which has already helped over 282,000 illiterate to learn how to write and read since the President Michel Martelly took office in 2011.

The Haitian Secretary of State for literacy, Oswald Thimoleon, said since the inauguration of president Martelly about 3 years ago, 149,300 people were taught to write and read up to April 2013 and from March of the same year to present, an additional 133,000 Haitian adults have become literate.

The Haitian government has launched this year an aggressive literacy campaign to reach 450,000 people over the next two year, 225,000 each annually, according to Thimoleon.

“Our goal is to eliminate analphabetism throughout the country and we have already done significant efforts in that direction,” Thimoleon told the Haitian-Caribbean News Network (HCNN) on Tuesday.

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe announced recently a special plan to speed and expand literacy program in some particularly vulnerable communities in several parts of the country, where the government wants illiteracy completely eliminated within the next two years.

These small communities include the Bernard Gousse neighborhoods in the Southern Grand’Anse region, where nearly 5,000 are to be taught how to write and read. [. . .]

[The literacy rate is 99.8 % in Cuba, 99.0 % in Trinidad, 90.1 % in the Dominican Republic and 75.4 % in Guatemala.]

For full article, see http://hcnn.ht/en/2014_06/aid_and_development/299/Haiti-proceeds-with-plan-to-extend-literacy-to-over-700000-by-2016-Haiti-Michel-Martelly-Laurent-Lamothe-Literacy-Oswald-Thimoleon-Education-UNESCO.htm

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