Belmont Stakes: Tonalist’s trainer and Dominican jockey didn’t need communication to secure victory


Tonalist’s trainer and jockey make for an interesting combination, Brad Wilson reports for the Lehigh Valley Express-Times.

The Belmont Stakes champion‘s trainer Christophe Clement is French and speaks English with a distinct accent. Jockey Joel Rosario is from the Dominican Republic and his English is Spanish-scented to say the least.

“I can never understand Joel and I am sure he can’t understand a word I say,” Clement said.

So that meant their pre-race communication was necessarily brief.

“You know I do not give Joel much advice,” Clement said. “I said ‘Just keep (Tonalist) comfortable’.”

Comfortably in first, as it turned out, but still maybe a little uncomfortable.

“I’m a little bit upset about California Chrome,” Rosario said. “If I was going to get beat, I wanted to just get beat by him. Yes, (it’s bittersweet). (Tonalist is) just kind of a big horse, and he has one long stride, and he just grinds it, and keeps on going and going, keeps on coming, and he got the job done today.”

Joel Rosario is one of the US’s top thoroughbred jockeys. In the space of five weeks in 2013 he rode the winners of the Dubai World Cup and the Kentucky Derby.

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