Volume 8 (Numbers 1 & 2) of THE ARTS JOURNAL is now available

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The Arts Journal Volume 8 Numbers 1 & 2

Editor: Ameena Gafoor

Art Editor: Bernadette Persaud

The Arts Journal, now in its 10th year of publication, has dedicated Volume 8 to the indigenous peoples of Guyana and the Caribbean region, their arts, their culture and traditions. Earlier issues of the Journal have critically examined the presence of Africans and East Indians as major cultural strands forming Guyanese and Caribbean societies.

          Amerindians in Guyana and the Caribbean count among the region’s accomplished visual artists, poets, potters, ceramicists, and sculptors while they, in turn, have been the raw material in the imaginative works of contemporary writers and artists. Thus an issue devoted to Amerindians seems timely.

What has been revealed in this exercise is that there is a rich cultural legacy of the indigenous peoples of the region and that much more has to be done to illuminate it.

     The task of The Arts Journal is to critically examine neglected works of art of Guyana, the Caribbean and their Diasporas and bring them into a mainstream tradition. The Journal also carries imaginative prose writing, poetry, and book reviews.

     For titles of articles and contributors and also for the Editorial of Volume 8 please visit the Journal’s website: www.theartsjournal.org.gy or e-mail the editor for a Flyer.

The cover image of Volume 8, titled The Chant and the Dance (1984), is the evocative work of Guyanese artist Stephanie Correia.

THE ARTS JOURNAL is available at Austins Book Services in Georgetown, Guyana or from the editors.

E-mail: theartsjournal@live.co.uk Tel: 592 227 6825 or bernadettepersaud5@hotmail.com Tel: 220 3337.

     THE ARTS JOURNAL is indexed in:

                   EBSCO Academic Search Complete Database

                   MLA International Bibliography

                   PROQUEST Database

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