Angela Content: Caribbean American 8th grader author of science fiction books


This article by Lauren R. D. Fox appeared in Here’s an excerpt. Follow the link below for the complete article.

Brooklyn has produced a number of artists, from icon Jean Michel Basquiat to film director Spike Lee and author Edwidge Danticat. Recently, the hip New York City borough has revealed its latest protégé, Angela Content. A student of Andries Hudde Junior High School, 13-year-old Content has already self-published two science fiction books, “Awake and Alive” and “Shattered,” which are on sale via Barnes &Noble and Amazon. Each book took the teen three month to write and, interestingly, Content writes her books by hand and then types them on her computer, telling CBS News using this old school method her writing flows better.


Being somewhat of a pioneer as a black teen science fiction author, we asked Content for her opinion on urban novels which are usually pegged to our demographic. She told us:

The characters in urban novels are fairly interesting. They are very drama-filled. Although I do not usually read those types of books, I do not think anything needs to be changed. Urban novels reveal things that are going on in real life. While I don’t think that is good, other people find them interesting and can relate. At least it is just written work and not necessarily playing out before their eyes.

What has played out in front of Content’s own eyes is her experience as a Caribbean American, which she’d love to incorporate into future works.

Since no one has written a Caribbean science-fiction novel, it would be interesting to include elements of Caribbean culture in a futuristic setting.


Sales from Content’s books are being immediately deposited into her college fund.

To purchase Angela Content’s books,click  here.

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One thought on “Angela Content: Caribbean American 8th grader author of science fiction books

  1. To be able to self-publish electronically (or as books on demand, if need be) has greatly lowered the entry barriers for authors. And platforms like Amazon or B&N, which have all to gain but nothing to lose when the author self-publishes are a way to gain exposure – all things that weren’t even thinkable, let alone possible, only fifteen years ago!

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