San Juan: one of CNN’s 10 of the world’s most underrated cities


Perhaps because of their proximity to better-known locales, travelers too often neglect legitimately interesting cities. Follow the link below for the complete list, which included San Juan.

Call us sentimental, but it’s an oversight we want to correct, CNN reports.

These places are livable, creative hubs, championed by locals, worth more than a quick stop before you head elsewhere.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Given Puerto Rico’s stunning beaches and coastal highlights, including the Bioluminescent (phosphorescent) Bays and El Yunque Rainforest, people sometimes assume the capital doesn’t have much to offer.

They’re wrong.

There’s the dramatic El Morro Fortress, high above the sea, and the cobbled streets of Old San Juan, with their 16th- and 17th-century Spanish colonial buildings.

But the city is also in the throes of a revival.

From chic new hotels to nightspots, boutiques, dance venues (salsa rules here) and art galleries, urban sophisticates will find much to whet their appetites.

For starters, there’s the newly revamped Museo de Arte, featuring Puerto Rican artists, a two-hectare garden and theater.

Night owls will love the sleek San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel, with its waterfalls, blue-lit rooms, bars, restaurants and minimalist decor, and the Nyuorican Café, which has a live salsa orchestra.

There’s good midnight curry at the Latino-Hindu fusion restaurant, Tantra.

“[The] old city is a gem, though a tiny fraction of the city, which is otherwise plain bland,” says CNN commenter Oushen.

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One thought on “San Juan: one of CNN’s 10 of the world’s most underrated cities

  1. Last august I came to Puerto-Rico San Juan, I discovered a lot of pollution oil spill, smoke from car, airplanes, truncks… I couldn’t breath comfortably. So I wonder how citizens survive in such place.


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