Chicacabra is a fine comic book set in San Juan


Well, just to prove that there is always something new under the Caribbean sun, here is a comic book set in San Juan, reviewed by Krankenstein for

So this weekend I got the special cover (the one presented here) of Chicacabra, Tom Beland’s newest comic from IDW.

The general story is about Izzy, a high school girl(guessing senior) who has had bad things happen to her based on her family. She is raised by her uncle in Ocean Park, a place in Santurce (San Juan), and is a teen that has to deal with the hand that was given to her by life. She speaks her mind, hangs around when she wants to have fun, and is kinda rebellious (not in anarchy kinda of way, just her actions kinda go to extremes in some ways).
Early in the story she goes to San Juan with her friends, smokes some stuff (nothing that triggers her next actions), and tells them that she doesn’t want to be stuck in the gears of society, but travel and explore the world. So she climbs down the wall of El Morro and finds a crack in the wall. She enters and follows a long hallway until she falls in a secret lab. There she finds the Chupacabra, and our fantastical story begins.

Now, the general story is a fine story. It’s about how she deals with the creature, her social life, her personal life, and all the crap that has been handed to her.
I really like Tom Beland’s style of round shapes that goes with the story, but some of the panels seem to much, but it is based on how much story is packed in this thing. I also like how Tom doesn’t make this book into a guidebook of Puerto Rico, like the Fantastic Four in Puerto Rico(they aren’t bad either).
However, some of the dialogue feels meh, and some of the panels don’t feel that eventful based on the gravity of the situation.

Still, I would recommend it if you are curious of a character from my island that is not a troope, and shows some fun of life.

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