Maggie Harris is the Commonwealth 2014 Short Story Winner for the Caribbean

maggie158057924ARC Magazine recently announced that Maggie Harris from Guyana, author of “Sending for Chantal,” is the Commonwealth 2014 Short Story Prize regional winner for the Caribbean region). [Also see previous posts Commonwealth Writers Announces 2014 Short Story Prize Shortlist and Guyanese poet Maggie Harris publishes autobiography.]

Other regional winners were Jennifer Makumbi (Uganda), Sara Adam Ang (Singapore), Lucy Caldwell (United Kingdom), and Lucy Treloar (Australia). Thesefive regional winners—representing the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe, and the Pacific—will compete with each other to become the overall winner, who will be announced in Kampala, Uganda, on June 13, 2014.

This event will coincide with a series of Commonwealth Writers initiatives in East Africa. The Prize provides a platform for writers from the 53 countries of the Commonwealth to inspire others by bringing compelling short stories to a wider audience. This year unpublished stories were entered by nearly 4,000 writers from the five regions of the Commonwealth. [. . .]

Maggie Harris is a Guyanese-born author who migrated to the UK in 1971. She holds a BA Honours Degree in African/Caribbean studies and an MA in Post-Colonial Studies from Kent University. She won the Guyana Prize for Literature in 2000 for her poetry collection, Limbolands. Other collections include From Berbice to BroadstairsAfter a Visit to a Botanical Garden, and Sixty Years of Loving (Cane Arrow Press). She has written a number of short stories, including the collection Canterbury Tales on Cockcrow Morning, (Cultured Llama Press), and her own memoir, Guyana Kiskadee Girl.

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