Ricky Martin on ‘Coming Out’


The Daily Mail reports that Ricky Martin recently told Kyle and Jackie O’s Kiss FM that he would love to come out again. The 42-year-old Puerto Rican pop star said: “It felt amazing. I wish I could come out again because that moment felt very blissful.” Here are excerpts of the article:

It really feels amazing and then when it happens you realise all your fears were in your head. At least the amount of support I received not only from the media, obviously my fans, my family was amazing and unfortunately society just pushes us to believe that our feelings are evil.’

The Voice coach went on to cite his five-year-old twin sons Matteo and Valentino, who were born to a surrogate mother in 2008, as his reason for coming out.

[. . .] At the time of coming out, the Livin’ La Vida Loca star chose to announce his sexual orientation via his website calling himself ‘a fortunate homosexual man’ and saying ‘I am very blessed to be who I am.’ He was dating his economist boyfriend of three years Carlos González Abella at the time, but the pair have since ended their relationship in January 2014.

The Voice Australia coach also spoke about his turn in the star studded red chairs alongside Kylie, will.i.am and Joel Madden. ‘I feel more comfortable sitting in the chair and trusting myself in the coaching aspect of the show,’ said the smooth talking Latino.

He was also quick to dispel rumours that Kylie and Joel are more than just good friends. ‘Oh yeah, come on, it would be great for you to ask them. I’m just gonna go with it’s a lie,’ he said slightly perplexed.

The handsome man was also on the breakfast show to promote his new single Vida which he has recorded for One Love, One Rhythm – The 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album (2014).

The song was part of a global singing contest where Ricky invited members of the public to send in their songs, 1600 people applied from all over the world and Elijah King won.

For full article, see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2628917/I-wish-I-come-Four-years-announcing-sexuality-Ricky-Martin-says-hed-love-second-time.html

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