Stratford exhibition tomorrow on the journey of sugar from the Caribbean to Newham


An exhibition about Caribbean people in Newham and the history of Caribbean sugar is taking place tomorrow in Stratford, UK, Anna Silvermann reports for Newham’s Reporter.

The Tony Cheeseman foundation UK worked in conjunction with the National Archives, taking images from their Caribbean through the lens project.

Harry Cumberbatch, secretary of the Tony Cheeseman Foundation UK, moved to Newham from Barbados in 1964.

He said: “It’s an important exhibition because it’s educational and it’s part of our history, the borough’s history and the world’s history. It’s part of my own experience.

“It’s very much a heritage and inter-generational project so that young people will learn about their roots and older people will reminisce on their past experiences,” he added.

One of the aims of the foundation is to preserve the heritage of the Caribbean communities in East London, in particular in Newham.

The images were selected to tell a story of sugar, Newham’s connection with sugar and reflect on the colonial development of the British Caribbean from discovery to independence.

The reminiscence event is the second to take place in the last month after an exhibition was held on April 14.

“The feedback from our first event was very positive,” Harry said.

“We were really pleased with the turn out and people seemed to find it very educational.”

The exhibition will take place in the Hopkins room of Stratford Library tomorrow from 13.00-16.30.

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